Prisoner 709 the new Album of Caparezza a tribute to Phil Zimbardo

posted 16 Sept 2017, 07:19 by Pasquale Marino   [ updated 16 Sept 2017, 08:48 ]
 Prisoner 709 is the title of the new album published by Caparezza pseudonym of Michele Salvemini an Italian rapper born in Molfetta on 1973. The album is inspired to Phil Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment.  Caparezza’s work has indeed been inspired by the Stanford Prison Experiment. In fact the choice of the album title stems from SPE Prisoner 416 whom he identified with, within the context of his creative process, but decided he needed to find his “own” prisoner number. The number 7 is the number of letters in his birth name “Michele” while 9 are the letters in his stage name “Caparezza”. The zero in between identifies the conflict between the man Michele and the artist Caparezza, 7 or 9 if you will, which will become a recurring theme through the whole album (i.e. 16 songs because 7+9=16 to name but one).
All ZL Fund members are so glad for this incredible work. We express for Caparezza our thanksgiving for his tribute to Phil Zimbardo hoping he will come in Sicily the next spring for the next Cultural Festival.