Ten paths for your perfect life – after graduation
  1. Never stop being a student — be filled with curiosity and wonder, ask why, discover how.
  2. Make time for family, friends, and fun– especially when you are busy doing stuff.
  3. Let Compassion be your guiding light, but heroic action your daily goal.
  4. Trade in familiar habits for novel adventures.
  5. Nurture your passions, tolerate all the rest.
  6. Violate expectations to liberate yourself from predictability.
  7. Take risks, learn from mistakes, try harder, think wiser next tIme.
  8. Develop a balanced time perspective — well grounded in the past, energized by the present, and motivated by a hope-filled future.
  9. Be the engaging host at life’s party, not its reluctantly shy guest.
  10. Finally, Change the world for the better– people, situations and systems — by what you stand for, and the wrongs you are willing to challenge with righteous integrity.


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